Sunday, 25 January 2015

Top Gun

T Shirt- BDG
Boots-New Look
Bag-Kate Spade
Sunglasses- Topshop
Recently, I went through my wardrobe and did a bit of a clear out. I wanted to keep all of the things that I wear the most and unnecessary trend pieces were thrown away. Looking through my old coats I found this little gem. Its almost like an aviator jacket but all black with a suede exterior. It is SO comfy I cant get over it. I got it in the Topshop sale about two years ago. I remember when I bought it I wasn't so fussed over it but now I am so in love with it. I also have noticed I've really been taking inspiration from 80's movies recently (not as bad as it sounds) and I think with the aviator jacket and glasses I'm channelling Maverick from Top Gun. (my likeness to Tom Cruise is as you can see insane).
I also repurchased some staple pieces recently such as my black jeans, white t shirt and boots. I am especially in love with the boots. I have been after a pair like this since I saw some featured on one of my favourite blogs  Media Marmalade. They have a really minimalistic style to them and look a lot more expensive than they are. On this rare occasion it was also sunny enough for sunglasses, could there be an Indian summer on our way?
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Emily x

Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Prince Of Wales

I've had my eye on this coat for the longest time. Every time I went in Urban Outfitters I would drool over its beauty. I never had the guts to actually buy it as I wasn't sure it would fit into my wardrobe and it was way over my price range. In a quick visit to the January sales I saw that it was reduced and of course I couldn't resist.

I'ts a beautiful brushed statement coat in a Prince of Wales check, which I find is quite a rare pattern in outerwear. I must admit it makes me feel like a business woman of past times trying to make a statement in the office with a kick-ass coat. Since I bought it I see people wearing it everywhere so I'm guessing other people have the same obsession I do. I decided to pair it with my favourite new piece, my black roll neck from Zara. As I was walking a lot this day throughout the town I decided to remain comfortable and wear my boots, which have definitely seen better days, and my cigarette trousers from Topshop. I have also started watching Gossip Girl this week (no regrets) and its my new obsession. This coat definitely makes me feel like I could be on my way to Henri Bendel's and be slightly closer to fitting in with the crowd of the Upper East Side.

Another coat added to my collection, when will is stop buying them? apparently never. If you liked this post please feel free to comment below.

Emily x

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Andy Warhol

I've had these beautiful boots for a while now but I didn't really know what to wear with them. Then I came to the realisation that I could just wear them with tailored trousers and a palette of navy and black, nothing new there. I got them from New look and I chose an over the knee style but with a flatter heel as walking long distances, like I do, in heeled over the knee boots would probably kill me.I absolutely love the fact that they are so comfy and they have probably become my favourite boots by far.I have also gone crazy with the turtle necks recently as well. Although  I know that Steve Jobs and Andy Warhol were probably the first people out there to be a part of this trend I decided to give it a shot and attempt to not look like a middle aged man.

I have also been giving the minimalist life style ago as I absolutely love the minimalist/scandi style. I have started this off by trying to de-clutter my handbags and carry a smaller bag when appropriate. This black jewelled box clutch is perfect as it has a chain for day wear and you can detach it for wearing on an evening, who doesn't love a good 2-in-1?

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Emily x

Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Cape

 I have really been craving coats recently. This is not a new thing for me as I often find myself gravitating towards the outerwear sections, as I use coats and jackets to dress up outfits as I generally prefer more simple pieces. Ever since I saw the beautiful Arabella Golby wearing a cape I knew that I had to get my hands on one. The one I originally had my eye on was over £100 and I didn't really want to invest that much money in a piece I was only trying out so I abandoned the idea. I then spotted this beauty in, none other than, Next. It was reduced in the sale to half the price so I picked it up.
I love this cape in particular as it has buttons to fasten it. I know some capes have hooks or don't fasten at all which I feel would be a problem for me, as I'm so clumsy I could just see it falling off my shoulders all the time. As this is the first outfit I've styled with a cape I went for utter simplicity with a crisp white shirt. I love the way the white sleeves poke out in contrast with the cape and I think it looks timeless.  I then paired it with some plain black jeans from Topshop and boots from Boohoo a couple of years ago.
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Emily x

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Years House Party

For what seems like the first time in forever I am actually doing something on New Years Eve. Me and my friends decided to keep it casual and have a house party which I have been nominated to host. As I know most New Years outfit posts are inspiration for an amazing party or some kind of work do but I decided to do a more casual look for the people who don't get up to as much on New Years. For the people like me who don't do anything apart from consuming too many crisps or nibbles and attempting to sing along with Old Lang Syne as we all know no one really knows the words.
As this is going to be casual I decided to wear my cream and lace jumper from Zara which is probably the softest thing I own. The colour is so crisp even though it isn't white which is something I struggle to find in cream pieces. I paired it with my cigarette trousers from Topshop which are the perfect length when paired with some pointed suede court shoes, mine are from New Look.
Then I had great difficulty deciding on which bag to wear and eventually decided to wear this black box clutch to add some sparkle, if you can wear sparkle at one point in the year its New Years. I got this beauty at the Next sale which I seem to go to every year after saying "oh I probably wont buy anything" and step out with some serious damage done to my credit card. As I wont be outside long I just wore my leather jacket to add a different texture and add more of a coveted edgy vibe to the look as I don't want to go too Carrie Bradshaw.
I hope everyone has a great NYE and has a good start to the very futuristic sounding 2015! feel free to leave a comment below about your plans for new years.
Emily x

Friday, 26 December 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

I know that this isn't exactly a festive post but I decided it was time to share this little beauty with everyone. Recently Sephora lured me in with a good old fashioned discount code causing me to splurge on this baby. I have heard so many people rave about this all in one product I just had to see what all the hype was about.I heard that Sephora now ship to the UK a while back and decided that now was the time to test their site.

 Everyone as been after a more contoured look ever since the Kardashians appeared, showing us their beautifully chiselled cheek bones and in that moment the world jumped on the contour bandwagon. Being a person of the dreaded pale skin I was always fearful of trying to contour. I used to use (and still do use) The Body Shops Honey Bronzer which is absolutely perfect for us pasty people but thought it was time to switch it up a bit.

This kit is from the makers of the ultimate holy grail product, the Anastasia Brow Wiz so it had to be worth a try. The kit comes with three highlighting shades, one neutral colour, a banana correcting shade and a more shimmery highlight. The banana shade is perfect for sweeping in a triangle formation over the under eyes, making the area brighter and faking a perfect nights sleep. The shimmery shade is great for putting on the cheekbones and higher sections of your face to highlight the areas of your face that you want to be seen. The neutral shade is great for helping to blend out mistakes or just correct and highlight an area.

The contour section comes in 3 different shades. I use the middle shade mixed with a little bit of  it the second darkest one to get the correct balance for my skin. Don't be afraid to mix with these as they are super bendable and perfect for mixing together in order to find your shade.

Overall I think this is a perfect investment product and it saves the fuss of having to carry multiple palettes instead of just one. If you want to buy this palette last time I checked they had them on Cult Beauty and Sephora's websites but they are going in and out of stock a lot.

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Emily x

Saturday, 13 December 2014


Coat - Missguided
Shirt - Zara
Jeans - Topshop
Scarf - Primark
Boots - Boohoo
Hat - Urban Outfitters
Bag - Kate Spade New York
Sorry that I've been M.I.A from the blog recently but I've had exams on and my body decided that it was going to get really ill all at the same time. Never fear as I have made my return. A little while ago I bought this camel coloured beauty from misguided as the camel trend was definitely something that I really wanted to be a part of. It was time I got a winter coat for this year and this one definitely does the job. It has really deep pockets and a boyish/box shape which means that its really flattering and keeps in warmth. I went to a gig on Wednesday to try it out as in my opinion going to a gig is the ultimate test to whether an item is warm or not and this baby really did keep me as warm as possible.

I decided to pair the camel with mostly monochromatic pieces to make the camel colour stand out by wearing a pair of black jeans and a white shirt. I then  wore my favourite hat in my collection from Urban Outfitters and my red tartan scarf that I bought last year.I really like this outfit as its warm, practical yet on trend and perfect for the weather we are having.

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Emily x