Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sunday Catchup

001 I went to see Annabelle in town with some friends as a bit of Halloween preparation. I liked the back story behind the film the conjuring and as Annabelle is the prequel I just had to see it. I have to say even though it was your classic horror movie format filled to the brim with jump scares with not much else, I kinda liked it. Next on the list is the Babadook even though it looks awful the critics love it, so I'm now intrigued.

002 I took a trip to the hairdressers for a well deserved trim. My hair had grown so much I was practically drowning in hair. So I took the plunge and had about an inch and a bit chopped off. This is a pretty big deal for me as my hair is my baby and I'm seriously picky when it comes to having it cut, but I must say I love what they've done. I do love going to the hairdressers, but who doesn't? I then cracked on with the bane of my life. Revision. As exams are lurking around every corner I thought I would get the dreaded language assessment preparation out of the way with.

003 I went on a patrol to get myself a new foundation. After many hours thinking I couldn't narrow it down from my Clinique favourite and the new Diorskin Star. So I will have to put that on hold.

004 Today I am having a day in on the laptop looking for present ideas as my friends birthday is coming up. I'm going to London on Wednesday with a friend so I'll probably be looking up the best places to eat and some other places to visit besides Covent Garden and Regent street.

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Emily x

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Outfit Repeating

Recently I've been the biggest outfit repeater to ever exist. I just find it so hard to dress for the weather that we're having that I've basically worn the same outfit over and over again. I've got so many ideas of what look I want I just can't find pieces to suit me. One of my favourite ways to get inspiration is doing a spot of good old fashioned people watching to gain some insight into street style, but this is unfortunately very time consuming. This is where the Mallzee App comes in.
Mallzee is basically a hall of inspiration from over 200 stores hosting more than 2 million items. I have only been recommended the app recently but it has been the biggest life saver. The idea of the app is that you create different themed style feeds on which you can set a criteria and the app does the rest. The feeds you create host thousands of items perfectly tailored to you. The app helps you find pieces that are exactly what you're looking for and can help with either a wardrobe revamp or help find the perfect staple piece. I really love the fact that they have such an array of different brands as I find on other big name fashion apps some types of items are harder to find.
Mallzee is the quickest and easiest way to prevent outfit repeating and find some inspiration as it has all of your favourite brands under one perfectly designed roof. It's minimal effort and maximum results, my favourite way to do things. You can download the app here and I didn't even get to the best part.....It's free! I can definitely say that this is by far my favourite fashion app and has helped me adjust my wardrobe to the new season. All I can say is, watch out Polyvore there's a new kid in town!
If you have downloaded the Mallzee app let me know what you think down below, and feel free to comment down below about what you would like to see from me next.
Emily x

Sunday, 12 October 2014

This Is All Yours Tour

A week ago now I travelled to Wolverhampton with some friends to go and see one of my favourite bands Alt J. When I first heard them on the Brit Awards a few years ago now I knew I was onto a winner. I found out they were touring a year later but I was too busy to go at the time. When I found out earlier this year that they were playing within an hours drive away from me I jumped at the chance. With the release of This Is All Yours on the day of the gig some people were clueless to the what the setlist would be. I absolutely love their new sound especially Every other freckle, Nara and Warm Foothills amongst many others I was praying that they would play Matilda and Taro. Marika Hackman who features on Warm Foothills was supporting. I already loved her song Bath Is Black and my love for her as grown since the gig. As we waited in the crowd the sound of Hunger of the Pine creped in and the band walked on stage. They then proceeded to play Fitzpleasure, Something Good, Left Hand free and Dissolve me before they played Matilda. All of the songs were played absolutely true to the recorded versions and sounded so amazing that I cant really fathom the words to describe it. As a massive fan of the film Leon I love Matilda with all my heart and my expectations of it being played live were definitely true. they also played Ripe and Ruin which is really the odd one out of their first album but everyone absolutely loved that they played it as it really broke up the set.
Then they played Taro. as if this gig wasn't enough of an emotional rollercoaster for me already. Taro is such a beautiful song and shares a story in which I really enjoy. If it wasn't only the amazing sounds that did it for me the lights were so effective. I know this might sound like the nerdiest thing to notice the lights at a gig but trust me lights are everything. One thing I was nervous for was the new touring member as Gwil left the band earlier this year but the new bassist was so sweet and definitely fit in with everyone. The band then came on for an encore of Lovely day, Nara and Breezeblocks. Amongst me and the people behind me screaming "senpai notice me" and "Gus bae its me", catching the drum sticks then dropping them, dancing and singing until I had no voice left, I had an absolutely amazing night. I'm saying the best gig of the year so far, but we'll see how Catfish and the Bottlemen and Bombay Bicycle Club are.
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Emily x

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sunday Grundge Day

Shoes-Doc Martens
Bag-Kate Spade
Rings-Pandora & Athens Silver Store
Yesterday me and my good friend decided to take a well earned trip into town and thought I would do an impromptu OOTD. The weather at the moment is the bane of my life. Do I wear a coat? or do I wear a jacket? or is it basically going to turn into a subterranean climate at about 2:30 in the afternoon? These are the questions we ask on a daily basis. So with that in mind I went for the middle man of a jacket and it turned out to be the right choice. I went for an all black outfit today (would this really be my blog without one?) as I thought its been a while since I've worn all black. Back on track the main purpose of this outfit was to show off my Docs. She finally got Docs? I hear you cry, well yes I did! despite the rumours that wearing them feels like treading on a bed of nails for at least the first decade of wear I wore them yesterday. In fact I pretty much think that all of the Doc horror stories are false apart from the well known size down tip. I went for something pretty minimalistic to show off my new babies and my feet didn't die whilst walking which is an absolute turning point for me. 
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Emily x

Sunday, 21 September 2014

The End of Summer

Jumper-Forever 21
Leather Jacket-H&M
Bag-Kate Spade New York
Boots-New Look

Well hello internet! it's been a little while now since I've been blogging as going back to school is still as strenuous as ever and from now on I will try and make as much time for my blog as possible. Anyway back to the point of this post! Yesterday me and my friends took a trip to Birmingham to go shopping, go to a gig and see what Birmingham had to offer. We had a really amazing but tiring day and today we decided to have a walk around a local village and get some lunch. As sadly the summer has come to a close I wore my jumper and my new love which is my leather jacket. I have wanted a more fitted jacket with a buckle for so long but gave up hope after coming to terms with the fact that I was not willing to spend £200 on a jacket! But this H&M offering really suits the bill. My mom jeans are also a new love of mine as I've been searching high and low for the perfect pair. I have tried so many other pairs that I gave up and thought the style just didn't suit me but once again H&M saved the day, producing the perfect cut and shape of mom jeans. I then paired them with my red tartan scarf to brighten up the outfit. I then wore my trusty chunky Chelsea boots and my beloved Kate Spade bag.
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Emily x

Monday, 25 August 2014

Hampton Court Palace


I have been meaning to visit Hampton Court Palace for a long time and I thought what better time than the height of summer (a couple of weeks ago) to go and visit it. Many royal families have lived here including William the 2nd and King Henry the 8th. As you can tell the palace is very grand inside and out and is definitely something to visit. The palace is mostly known for its beautiful gardens and even on a slightly gloomy day they still look very well kept and look still fit for royal approval. One thing that I loved were the beautiful hand carved ceilings. One room had a beautiful skylight window letting the maximum amount of light into the room helping to reach its full potential of spaciousness and really add something to the design. Another room I noticed on the way to the crown display and chapel was one with an amazing  gold and white ceiling, which was definitely the main feature of the room. They also had a display about the George's who have lived in the palace which was the main reason we visited at this time. It really gave an insight into the kings and their lives and decisions that changed the fate of our country. All in all it was a great day out and lovely to visit a place with such beautiful architecture and I definitely recommend it for a relaxing but interesting day out. Next on the list Buckingham palace!
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Emily x

Friday, 22 August 2014

The Natural Make Up Look

Recently I have been gravitating towards a quick and more natural look using the least amount of products I could so here we go.
Clinique stay matte foundation This foundation has to be high up in my all time favourite foundations as its light on the skin but gives just the right amount of coverage. don't be fooled by the name as it keeps an oil free appearance whilst not giving the common lifeless hint that matte foundations tend to give as it creates a dewy complexion in all the right places. the stay matte foundation is definitely an unlikely hero but definitely deserves more recognition.
The Real Techniques Buffing Brush applies foundation effortlessly and buffs the liquid into the skin creating a natural look.
The Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer   Has quickly made its way up my holy grail products list as its from the drugstore making it affordable but also has 3 sections to it. The compact comes with a creamy textured salmon pink colour to correct dark circles under the eyes. This works like magic and applies so smoothly and doesn't cake (yea you heard me correctly). It also comes with a more yellow toned concealer to hide redness and cover blemishes which it also does perfectly. The last section is the setting powder helping to finish the perfect 24hr dark circle and blemish free look.
The YSL Cream Blush Has been with me a long time now and has definitely served its purpose. I've been trying to stay away from powdered products to avoid the cake face look which obviously no one wants. The application process is quick and easy and is perfect for a natural flushed look.
The Maybelline The Falsies Flared Is my favourite variation of the well loved Falsies mascara and is most likely my all time favourite drugstore mascara because it adds the perfect amount of volume whilst not being clumpy (which to me is a hard thing to find. I chose this mascara as it looks great just applied on its own. I find some mascaras only look good with eyeliner too but this one looks amazing with or without.
The YSL Rouge Volupte in Shade 13 was picked up during a mad dash around Heathrow terminal 5's duty free and I don't regret it. Its the perfect peachy pinky nude to add a bit of natural colour to the lips. Its so creamy and conditioning and just feels so moisturising on the lips and if that wasn't enough it tastes like watermelons. enough said.

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Emily x